Getting to Grips with Online Video Poker

Poker is seen as a family game that employs a series of cards in order to determine a player’s skill, strategy and prowess at gambling.

The game has been around for decades now, and its approach has changed in various ways in a bid to make the experience better for each player. This revolution has been aided in no small measure by technology, which is why players can now enjoy advanced types such as video poker, which is now available in multiple online casinos.

What is online video poker?

Online video poker is an internet-based casino or arcade game and makes use of a poker approach known as the five-card draw, which is one of the easier variants of poker. The virtual consoles used have a very close resemblance to slot machines. After pressing a deal’ button, a player gets 5 cards and is allowed to get rid of any of them and take a replacement from a virtual deck. This type of poker is different from the table variety because you can discard all your cards. Winners are determined by matching card combinations. Basically, online video poker is a variant of regular poker, only that is available on the fly, which enhances flexibility and also allows for the manipulation of visuals to create a simulated reality gaming environment.

Rules for playing video poker

Video poker has a number of variants, and they include Jacks or Better, Joker’s Wild, Kings or Better, Deuces Wild and some more. This obviously means the rules will vary, but here is a gist of what to expect;

You have to start playing with 5 cards

Based on the hands you want to play, you can hold the cards you receive or discard some or even all of them. There are no limits here.

All discarded cards are replaced in one draw. The draw is usually random in order to give every player a level playing field.

If what you are holding matches with any of the qualifying cards, you are then assumed to have won.

Why is video poker popular online?

Online video poker has multiple advantages over other games. For example, it offers odds that are way better than any slot game out there. It is also easy for new players to get involved because there are few rules, and experienced players only have a 2% advantage over new entrants. Finally, it is a great game to play because while luck is still a key element to winning, strategy and skill also matter.

How to play online video poker

There are hundreds of online casinos offering video poker, and the games come in incredible displays of color and graphics. All you need to do is select a coin size, followed by the number and click deal. Some variations of the game have a wild card, so look out for that.

Online video poker strategies for new players

  • Holding 5 coins every time you play gives you full value and brings you closer to victory.
  • Jacks or Better is the best version to start with as it is convenient and easy to learn.
  • Experience matters, so before going all in, take advantage of online casinos that provide beginner bonuses.

Here are our top picks for Casinos with great beginner bonuses:

Villento Casino

Golden Tiger Casino

Yukon Gold Casino

Captain Cooks Casino

In order to maximize your chances of winning at online casinos, identify a site that has a great interface and offers the best odds and highest possible payouts.